Nozawa Onsen Kawaichiya is a Japanese style ryokan located in Nozawa Onsen. Please enjoy with our excellent hot springs and local dishes.  

Nozawa Onsen Kawaichiya Ryokan

Nozawa Onsen
NOZAWA ONSENNagano Prefucture

Nozawa Onsen, located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, is a hot spring (onsen) and ski resort village of 4500 inhabitants. Renowned for it's onsen since the Edo period, the village also played a significant role in the history of skiing in Japan.

The village is located at the foot of Kenashi-yama (literally Mt No-hair), alt 1650 meters, in beautiful natural surroundings - lush green in spring and summer, colored leaves in autumn and of course spectacular snow covered surroundings in winter. Nozawa Onsen strives to maintain a traditional atmosphere.


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Nozawa Onsen is famous for the huge amount of hot springs (onsen). Throughout this town, there are about 30 different hot springs, some of them as hot as 70 to 90 degrees Celsius.
In the Onsen town, there are 13 public hot spring bath houses that can be used free of charge. Especially after a good day of skiing, those baths help soothe the skiers from the freezing temperature.
Strech and relax with those hot springs.

13 bath houses in this hot-spring resort village have been maintained as community properties jointly owned by the villagers and protected by an organization called Yu-nakama--meaning friends of the hot-spa--since the Edo Period. These bath houses use 100% natural hot-spring water, which is not recycled. Properly maintained and always clean, the bath houses are open to the public and can be enjoyed by short-term visitors as well as the villagers who use them every day.

Experience the heartwarming human relationship that exists between villagers and guests at each bath house. Relaxing and soaking in the hot water, this is the time to talk about and listen to what each of us has discovered and experienced during the day.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort has a wide variety of courses to suit all levels of skier and snowboarder - from gentle beginner slopes to challenging courses for more advanced riders.
From a summit of 1,650 meter, a total of 36 courses make their way down to the village. With a total of 21 lifts and 50 kilometers of courses to ride, Nozawa Onsen is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Japan.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort was also the host for the Biathalon competitions at the Nagano Olympics.


Everything is real at this, one of Japan's best large-scale snow areas!
You can enjoy fresh, soft, natural snow to your heart's content!
You can ski up until the Golden Week extended holiday at the beginning of May!!

Extending from the peak to the base of the 1,650 meter Mt. Kenashiyama, the vast Nozawa Onsen ski resort boasts a difference in altitude of 1,085 meters and a total area of ski slopes of 297 hectares, and is ranked as one of Japan's top ski resorts in terms of total area, history, and snow depth.

Slopes are connected by a moving walkway called the "Yu-road", as well as a total of 21 lifts including 7 high-speed lifts, the Nagasaka gondola-type lift, and the Hikage gondola-type lift. With 36 ski courses, a kids' park, a snow park, and a fresh snow area, all sorts of skiers from beginners to advanced skiers can get full satisfaction.

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From Kawaichiya to Nozawa snow resort.
The ski area in Nozawa is very far from onsen town, so there are 2 connection lifts (Yu-road, Shinyu lift) which take you to the ski area directly. The both lift is 5-7 minutes away from Kawaichiya on foot. And there is a shuttle bus as well. The bus stop is 2-3 minutes away.
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