Nozawa Onsen Kawaichiya is a Japanese style ryokan located in Nozawa Onsen. Please enjoy with our excellent hot springs and local dishes.  

Nozawa Onsen Kawaichiya Ryokan

Nozawa Onsen
We are proud of ...

The following is things that we are proud of and we do hope you can enjoy with.

  1. Hot Springs
    You can enjoy 2 different kinds of hot springs at Kawaichiya. The one is the same source of hot spring as OGAMA designated as Japan's Natural Monument, and we get this hot spring into our Inside bathtub. Another one is the same source of SHINYU called the most excellent hot spring in this town, and we get this hot spring into our Outside bathtub. Although our Hot Spring Bath opens from 16:30 to 22:30 in winter season, it opens for 24 hours in other seasons. *Except for a few hours for cleaning.
  2. Local cuisine
    We serve local dishes to our guest's Dinner & Breakfast. We are trying to get fresh natural materials every day, so you can enjoy some seasonal local foods while your stay.
    The content of meals are different depending on the Stay Plan.
  3. Traditions
    Our hospitality behavior is different from urbanized style. We would like to make you feel Japanese Local atmosphere, so we are trying to give our local hearty treatment to our guests. This is the most important traditions of us.
  4. Friends from overseas
    We thankfully have a lot of repeaters from overseas. We think it is priceless for us and appreciate it from the bottom of our heart. This is the best thing we are proud of.
We are sorry that ...

The following is things that we feel sorry for our guests.

In Nozawa onsen, all streets are very narrow and steep, and there is no flat wide area because this town is very old town and located at the middle of mounatain. Therefore, all buildings & houses are very adjacently built each other and not comfortably big.

  1. Elevator
    Kawaichiya is composed of 3 buildings, but the building having a elevator is only one of them. Every building has 3 floors, so some of our guests need to take stairs.
  2. Corridor
    Because of the particular topography of Nozawa Onsen, there are some corridors to connect with each buildings in Kawaichiya. Therefore, it is a structure not understood easily for you.
  3. Narrow & Small
    Addition to the above mentioned information, our facilities, which are a guest room, dining room, public toilet and so on, are not so big or wide as well.

The topographical situation of Nozawa Onsen might be uncomfortable for you, but in fact, it is necessary for keeping Japanese local atmosphere.


Toyosato 8923-1, Nozawa Onsen-mura, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano-ken, zip389-2502
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